Professional Mobile Detailing

Save your valuable time and effort by having your vehicle professionally detailed with our amazing line of car-care products.

We'll clean, seal, and polish your vehicle and then leave it with a long-lasting protective glaze.

And for your convenience, we'll come right to your home or office to give your vehicles an incredible "showroom finish."

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, we can clean it!

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Motor Homes
  • And more!

  • Call for monthly specials. Price include Premium Exterior Detail & Basic interior;

    • Motorcycles -$80
    • Mid Cars      -$159
    • Suv/Mini Van-$199
    • Call for rates for RVs & Boats
    Basic Exterior: 
    -Hand Clean and Shine Exterior
    -Clean Wheels/Dress Tires 
    -Clean Windows Inside/Outside

    Basic Interior: (electrical outlet required)
    -Vacuum Carpet/Floors
    -Clean Rubber Floor Mats OR Vacuum Cloth Mats
    -Vacuum Cloth Seats
    -Wipe and Shine Vinyl & Leather Seats
    -Clean and Shine All Vinyl Surfaces w/ Super Polymer Protectant

    -Clean Windows Inside/Outside
    -Wipe door jams

    Premium Exterior: 
    -Hand Clean and Shine Exterior Finish
    -Hand Applied Polymer Shine Protectant 
    -Hand Buffed Super Polymer Protective Finish on Exterior
    -Hand Applied Vinyl Rejuvenation Conditioner               
    -Bug/Bird Dropping Removal                
    -Clean/Shine Chrome 
    -Clean/Shine Hubcaps, Wheels
    -Clean/Dress Tires w/Black Tire Gel Restores Tires to Original Satin Appearance.
    -Streak-less Window Cleaning Inside/Outside w/InvisiGlass

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    Reflections Mobile Auto Detailing
    239-634-2992 or 954-203-8961

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